A clear opportunity for the Nutraceuticals market appeared as the internet has democratised the ability to investigate and be informed about personal health issues and remedies.  Also, while health and wellbeing are currently on the front of mind for the general public, accentuated by the recent global COVID-19 pandemic, nature is gaining ground on people’s
Royal jelly is a beehive product that is very much valued for its high minerals content, vitamins, and multiple healthy benefits. It is a natural source of vitamins B, riboflavin, biotin, pyridoxine, inositol, thiamine, niacin, pantothenic acid, and folic acid. The growing tendency that has been observed for years now is the consumption of natural
We have been observing for over a year how health, wellbeing, and protection have become the main axis for the brands and the consumers and how this influences on the innovation of the food supplement industry. The consumers’ priority is taking care of their wellbeing, and this has stimulated the growth of the vitamins, minerals
Manuka flower with honey
The ingredients that stimulate immunity are playing a major part when developing new products, and one of them is Manuka Honey.  This is why we would like to share with you some context to help you in the task of purchasing this natural ingredient. Commonly known as the champagne of honeys, it is a honey
Polen de abeja
The bee pollen is a natural product that has gained popularity as a superfood thanks to its multiple health benefits. Despite its recent popularity, some medical records show that it has been consumed since 2735 BC. The success of superfood can be explained by the consumers’ search for a better care of their immune health
Immune health has become in 2020 one of the main priorities for the consumers, as we can observe from the latest study of FMCG Gurus consulting firm. If we add to this the fact that “56% of the global consumers state they have paid more attention to the natural ingredients claims in 2020”, we are
The economic newspaper Cinco Días has made a report of HoneyGreen+, going through the path of the company and the next steps for the upcoming years. “All of our products are natural. We invest a lot in quality and knowledge”, highlighted Jaime Ferrando Palencia during the report. Click here and read the article
Immune health is currently one of the consumers’ main concern, and the arrival of winter’s cold weathers usually makes them care even more about their health. As a matter of fact, Innova Market Insights state that the ingredients known to boost immunity will have an important role to play in 2021. One of the ingredients

What means our #Greenphilosophy?

At HoneyGreen+ we think taking care of the #environment is everyone’s business. We therefore incorporate every year new initiatives proposed by our employees. Last year we gave personalized glass bottles. One glass bottle would equal in our case 7.500 plastic cups in one year.

Culture matters

At HoneyGreen +, our values ​​allow us to walk every day in the same direction, they are part of our company’s #culture. In the recent months we have experienced different changes in our way of working. We have adapted to the new situation and responded to the demands of our clients. The #values that we

Managers for a day

Our CEO Jaime Ferrando Palencia has collaborated in the initiative “Managers for a day” this week #Dx1D of AED “I am delighted to support #youngtalent and to collaborate with the Spanish Association of Managers AED, it is a magnificent association”


Today we join to the #WorldEnvironmentDay celebration. We want to share with you an initiative we have recently implemented aligned with our strong commitment to the protection and care of the #environment. But first we want to ask you a question, did you know that a tonne of paper can save the life of up

World Bee Day

Today we join to the #WorldBeeDay celebration, designated by the United Nation’s to raise awareness on the essential role bees plays in keeping all of us and the planet healthy. We want to share with our community a short video in which we honor their great work and show how we can all contribute to
We want to share with you this beautiful initiative in which our team has been collaborating for the last month and we would like to encourage you to collaborate. NoTeConozcoPero is a solidarity initiative that are sending anonymous letters to patients who are currently isolated in the hospital and elderly people in residence that are
The spread of #COVID_19 also in Spain has forced the Spanish Government to decree the State of Alarm, adopting a series of very forceful measures to try to reduce or slow down the spread of this powerful virus. Our country has a robust public and private healthcare system and is adopting a series of urgent
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