Did you know that the beekeepers and bee’s work is essential for the food’s future and the biodiversity conservation? At HoneyGreen+ we have been working in this incredible world for 28 years and we have been sharing our knowledge with our community in this blog for more than two years. Over the years we have
The current context is one of increasing interest and consumer demand for honey-related products and a boost in the food supplement industry and natural pharma products. As such, companies are in a race to align their product catalogs, a quest that often accompanies the search of a reliable honey wholesaler. From our experience and perspective
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acacia honey
Acacia Honey is one of the most popular honey varieties. With its mild taste and neutral aroma, it’s one of the pharma and food supplement industries favorites, which make the most of this honeys’ potent antioxidant activity. As sweet and spreads this honey sweetens foods without modifying their natural flavor. It can be enjoyed straight