Our work methodology is based
on the closeness and direct relationship with our clients

Anticipation, thanks to alternative offers.

A service focused on the creation of differential value for our customers.

Providing excellent supply and quality services.

Setting demanding standards for our customers.

Innovation is the central focus at HONEYGREEN+,
whose role is to search new opportunities
and respond to new demands.

Worried about innovation?


Commitment to the environment

Our business area starts with natural processes from which our bee products are obtained.

That’s why protecting and caring for the environment is an important part of our corporate philosophy, and is, without a doubt, an additional attribute of our products.

Quality Control

We have our own laboratory that allows us to speed up the analysis process and ensures a strict and rigorous control at all times.

Total Management

Our guarantee is present during the whole process, from giving professional advice to our clients on the product they are looking for, finding that product anywhere in the world where the quality matches our client’s specifications, to processing and posterior manipulation of the product.


Our controls allow us to know at all times where each produced lot comes from and each one has its own identifying number, that is kept unique during the whole process, so that any follow-up from production to delivery is possible.

This way, the traceability of our products is guaranteed. Our supply of products comes from the best producers in various areas, who are regularly evaluated to guarantee their quality. Our organic products are also subject to documentary controls, ranging from certificates guaranteeing their organic origins to transportation and delivery documents.


Our laboratory is run by specialist people: they receive the samples from their origin, and carry out the corresponding analyses.

We also rely on external prestigious laboratories, that are internationally renowed, such as Intertek Food Services GmbH or Quality Services International GmbH.

If there a key issue that explains Honeygreen’s success story, it is without a doubt, our continuous search for quality, not only in the product but in the global management of the company:

A strict selection of suppliers

Specific training for the staff

Follow-up of client satisfaction

Close control of the processes