Mountain Honey
The true honey amateur knows separate honey types present truly distinct experiences in terms of taste, aroma and color that can really make a difference. Mountain Honey provides one of the most original sensorial experiences, given the huge potential of pollen diversity it’s made of.  In a context where more and more consumers are showing
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Nutritional supplements
As consumers’ awareness around health and wellbeing becomes a mainstream concern, nutritional supplements have become increasingly known and acknowledged. The trend comes hand in hand for a preference for natural ingredients.  This combination has put honey at the heart of the nutritional supplements sector, as a natural sweetener to diverse types of product formulations.  Here’s
The current context is one of increasing interest and consumer demand for honey-related products and a boost in the food supplement industry and natural pharma products. As such, companies are in a race to align their product catalogs, a quest that often accompanies the search of a reliable honey wholesaler. From our experience and perspective
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heather honey
Heather Honey is recognised as a particularly unique kind among honey varieties. Packed with nutritional benefits, some key Heather Honey benefits have led industry experts to compare it to manuka honey. What is Heather Honey and why are key industry players incorporating it into their pharma, food supplement and retail catalogs? Keep reading to find out
Forest Honey stands out among the very unique honey varieties for the particular health benefits it entails.  Very appreciated in certain locations such as Northern countries and Arab regions. Learn about the particular production process of Forest Honey and its healthy attributes through this brief guide.   What is Forest Honey? The production process of
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manuka honey

Manuka honey: a complete guide

Manuka honey has been hailed as one of nature’s most treasured secrets in recent times. Labeled as a superfood for its many medicinal and cosmetic properties, it’s health benefits have been thoroughly investigated and proven by scientific research. However, many questions still arise when considering this relatively new ingredient in the global pharma and food
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chestnut honey
The particular taste, aroma and look of Chestnut Honey has turned it into a well-appreciated honey variety around the world.  As the preferences for natural ingredients and remedies continue to grow among consumers, the pharma and food supplement industries are increasingly aware of the specific it benefits and harnessing its potential for product development.  What
lavender honey
Building up from the well-known benefits and popular approval of lavender, Lavender Honey stands out as one of the most beloved honey varieties around the world.  Learn more about lavender honey benefits and how it’s being incorporated by the pharma, cosmetics and food supplement industries as part of the evergrowing honey market.   Lavender Honey 
linden honey
Linden Honey represents a unique honey variety valued for its nutritional advantages, distinct taste and aroma.  Derived from nectar produced by the linden tree, the unpredictability of this tree’s crops makes linden raw honey an even more valuable and exclusive bee product. Incorporated into the pharma and food supplement industries, it can make products stand
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Rosemary Honey
Rosemary Honey is a unique, fragrant variety of honey originating from Mediterranean countries. Associated with traditional Mediterranean diet and with this all-purpose aromatic herb, Rosemary Honey benefits have encouraged a growing interest in this particular variety. Discover this monofloral Honey as sweet & spreads, and how is it being incorporated into pharma products and other